română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/

Miklós Mécs –- Street we negotiate; city we reinstitute


In the first part of October the interventions by the artist Miklós Mécs can still be seen on the façade windows of, as well as arrangements in the exhibition space and the street gallery created by the artist. The messages are dedicated to the passers-by, but his approach targets also the general audience combining a critical approach to art, politics and civil society with a ludic asceticism specific to his practice.

The video-work Válaszút (title given after the name of a village near Cluj - in Romanian Răscruci – which means being at the crossroads) is a montage, a narrative created from city and village names. The work deprives the cities from their importance, the space for living and interaction is annihilated, the cities become only phonetic signs. The streets from the video also lose their meanings, appear only as abstract, two-dimensional, connector roads, not in any way populated by people.