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29 - 31 August 2024

Historical Materialism Cluj/Kolozsvár 2024

The first edition of Historical Materialism Cluj/Kolozsvár will take place between 29-31 of August 2024, in Cluj-Napoca:

Open call for participation
1st of February - 1st of April 2024

The conference is organized by the Babeș-Bolyai University in partnership with Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory and


That we live in a state of permanent polycrisis is a well-established truth: ecological crisis, economic depressions, political failure, social breakdown, wars, and pandemics have all been piling up, intersecting and escalating one another in implacable ways. What is less clear is the way in which this complex global polycrisis is articulated and manifesting in the various sub-components of the world system, across the divides of this multipolar and multi-imperialist world capitalist formation. Particularly, but not exclusively, this first Historical Materialism conference in Eastern Europe will be interested in the specific place of the region in today’s polycritical world: what is the role of the old “Second World” in today’s global context dominated by a still hegemonic and expanding (while also retreating) First World and a fragmented, dominated, yet increasingly assertive Global South? But also, what is the place and meaning of the former socialist bloc in the global history of Marxism, critical theory and social movements? Which of its legacies are worth rediscovering, resurrecting, or instead should be discontinued?

We invite submissions under the following conference streams:
Eastern Europe: Socialist Traditions and Contemporary Politics, Society & Economy
Ecosocialism and Ecological Crisis
Feminism: Theory, Practice, Politics, and Debates
Care Work and the Value of Labor
State and Territory
Marxist Thought and Critical Theory Today
Literature, Film & Media: New Perspectives from the Left
From the Techno-Scientific Revolution to Big Tech

Whilst we encourage papers and panels that address these themes, the Historical Materialism Cluj Conference seeks to provide a space for critical Marxist theory and research across the globe and the range of disciplines and interests. Other papers and panels that enrich Marxist understandings – historical and contemporary – of theory and philosophy, culture, politics, political economy and societies under modern capitalism are also welcome.

The deadline for all submissions is April 1, 2024.

Keynote speakers: TBD

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Graphic design by Maria Drăghici.

Photos made by Radu Crăciun for the performative assembly „This Diary that I Failed to Keep” (concept Maria Draghici), part of the artistic research project TabThePAST, UNATC, 2023.