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s.a.b.a. - Silvia Amancei și Bogdan Armanu

July- September 2021

2020 and 2021 meant for tranzitiasi a new journey in which we had to set up and experiment new methods to talk to each other, if not in person. Thus, we realigned our projects in order to build a set of parallel platform for artistic contributions, mostly with guests artist based in Iasi using the - now banal - Instagram.

While still owing you the last episode of the ”Unfforgettable Taste” (Gust de Neuitat) ceramic graphic story by Andreea Cioară (@andrutza_julie) and the rest of our archival material from tranzit iasi history (2012 – 2021), we continue with a very powerful material, commisioned by tranzit. ro/ Iasi, speacilly for this medium, by Iasi based international artists s.a.b.a. - Silvia Amancei și Bogdan Armanu. (@_silvia.amancei.bogdan.armanu_)

The series by s.a.b.a. tackle many themes important for us, from our geographical point of view, giving voice, in the same time to a global helplessness and hopelessness build on the incapacity of the witness to act towards change. Deforestation, wild fires, biennials and artists are all situations and categories that are quietly questioned through a series of mixed solo performances, drawings and short videos translated into Instagram posts @tranzitiasi.

s.a.b.a. - Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu (b. 1991, Iași and Timișoara) is an artist couple working together since 2012. Their artistic practice could be positioned at the border between social studies and visual art, researching for methods and examples where art and artistic means can be instrumentalised in order to overexcite the ability to look beyond capitalism and create a (common) future.

Among their recent solo shows are “s.a.b.a 1979-####” (2020, Ljubljana, SI), “It was always in plain sight” (2020, Bucharest, RO), “If Then What After” (2019, Baden, AT), “What Past? What Future?” (2017, Linz, AT), “Depression, Uncertainty and other symptoms of Mortality” (2016, Lodz, Poland), while their works have been present in many group exhibitions among which “Rewriting Our Imaginations” (2020, Basel, CH), “Go, Stop, Stay” (2019, Debrecen, HU), “STRIKE GENTLY AWAY ____” (2019, Salzburg, AT), “Displacement and Togetherness” (2019, Brussels, BE), “Capital’s Time Machine” (2018, Bucharest, RO), “Baywatch” (2018, Berlin, DE), “Alternative Facts” (2018, Stuttgart, DE), “Odessa Biennial” (2017, Odessa, Ukraine), to name just a few.

This is part of the Research. Production. Dialogue / Cercetare.Producție. Dialog, a project taking place in 2020/ 2021 and realized with the financial support of Iasi City Hall through the Programme of financial support of Civil Society projects from Iasi, law 350/ 2005, related to grants from public funds supporting not for profit activities from Iasi City Hall budget. Iasi City Hall is not responsible for the content of the project or how project results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.