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Screening: Cineclub Queer – “La cage aux folles” (r. Édouard Molinaro, 1978)

Saturday, 16th of June, 8 pm Iaşi
Al. Lăpuşneanu St. no. 7-9

The screening will take place Saturday, the 16th of June, at 20:00, at Iași and will be followed by a discussion with film critics Georgiana Madin and Andrei Luca.

Adapted for the screen from the eponymous stage play written by Jean Poiret, which had almost two thousand performances in the ’70s at Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris, the Italian-French co-production “La cage aux folles” is one of the rare European comedies ever to be greeted by a large box office success in the United States; in the ’80s and ’90s, the film’s unexpected popularity in Europe as well as overseas led to the production of two film sequels, a Broadway adaptation and a remake directed by Mike Nichols („The Birdcage”, 1996).
Albin (Michel Serrault) and Renato (Ugo Tognazzi) own a gay bar in Saint Tropez whose name (in English: “the fools’ nest”) informs the title of the film; in this bar, Albin regularly performs in drag under the name Zaza Napoli. When Renato’s son pays them a visit to announce his upcoming wedding to the daughter of the general secretary of a party called The Union for Moral Order, Albin and Renato have no other choice but to sacrifice their lifestyle to fit the senator’s rigid values. As the title suggests, the highly improbable but inevitable dinner between the most conservative family and the most flamboyant gay couple turns the protagonists’ peaceful domestic space into a genuine fools’ nest.

Cineclub Queer is a cinema project that consists of monthly screenings of classic LGBTQ+ films. Our initiative is aimed at rediscovering and reassessing queer films (produced until 1990) that are part of the Romanian National Film Archives’ patrimony. Apart from discussing titles that were already distributed in Romanian cinemas before the 1990s, Cineclub Queer expands its mission to include classic queer films that were not previously shown in Romanian cinemas.

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The film poster is designed by Radu Pop.

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