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Guided tours through Depository of the Initiative for the Petite-Bourgeoisie Party in Iasi

Friday, the 17th of March and Saturday, the 18th of March 2017 Iași
Al. Lăpușneanu St. 7-9

During a collective activist and artistic research in the frame of the residency of Nebojsa Milikic in Iasi, a number of particles were assembled in Initiative’s depository. After their recognition in cultural, political, economic and other domains of the hegemon ideological landscape, the particles – examples or manifestations of the hypothetic petite-bourgeois symptomatology - were sampled, analyzed and diagnosed to meet the requirements and standards of a depository/archive/collection that any initiative for petite bourgeois party should acquire.

The guided tours through depository will offer an insight in criteria of assembling and diagnosis, as employed by the Initiative’s initiators and collaborative experts. Organizers hope for further acquisitions and gradual enlargement of depository – to the benefit of Initiative and all its possible members and supporters. In order to avoid possibly confusing mixture of colloquial and theoretical language, there will be a tour for a general and a tour for specialized audience.

The tour is a part of mapping and arranging objective and subjective coordinates for approaching the inevitable revolutionary challenges for petite-bourgeois masses of the world. A rather thankless situation of a petite-bourgeois subject – with his/ours inflammatory efforts to join the elite, while situation icily pushes him/us downwards to the proletariat – has to be brought to an end!

With a belief in the strength, capacity and reluctance of petit-bourgeoisists of the world!

Initiative for the Petite-Bourgeoisie Party in Iasi

More info about the project here.