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Yona Friedman: Architecture Without Building

A project organized by Asociația Solitude Project

20 October - 6 November 2016 București
Str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

Asociația Solitude Project organizes the project Yona Friedman: Architecture Without Building, to take place atști from 20 October to 6 November 20016. It comprises a series of four workshops for students and young professionals that operate within/through transformation of public and cultural space. The workshops are accompanied by public presentations and coordinated by architects and artists: Philippe Rizzotti (FR), Samu Szemerey (HU), studioBASAR (RO), Alexandra Pirici (RO), Manuel Pelmuș (RO/NO), Anca Benera (RO) and Arnold Estefan (RO/HU) and they are curated by Nikolett Eross (HU) and Hajnalka Somogyi (HU).

The project is centered around the ideas of utopian architect Yona Fredman and it aims to unite artists, architects and curators, interested in transformative practice in the public and cultural spaces, for experimenting along with the public new methods of architectural and artistic production in the frame of four workshops.

Yona Friedman is an exceptional figure that shaped the architectural and urban planning discourse in the second part of the 20th century. He became internationally known at the end of the ‘50s for articulating and emphasizing ideas like the usage of local building materials, simple means and technologies for construction, public participation in urban transformation processes, the importance of mobility, sustainability and many more. Also, he’s had a significant contribution to the cultural field by promoting the democratization of access to culture through new museum models, more permeable, temporary and flexible.

Starting from here, the four workshops will analyze and explore such themes and issues which are relevant also for Bucharest’s urban, cultural and social context, like citizen participation in urban planning processes, equitable distribution of resources, democratization of access to culture, alternative cultural institution models, novel ways of display and so on.

Programme of the workshops:

04.10 – Launch of the open call for workshops registration.
20.10 – Public presentation by Philippe Rizzotti.
21-22.10 – Workshop Unpredictable Space Chains – led by Philippe Rizzotti

Participants are invited to experiment with Yona Friedman's Space Chain concept, build up an improvised Space Chain and play quirky configurations. A Space Chain is a space-frame structure made with circles which is easy to build with as long as the material can be bend rather easily and is rigid enough to keep its shape.

27.10 – Public presentation by studioBASAR & Samu Szemerey
28-29.10 – Workshop Social Craftsmanship led by studioBASAR

The workshop will explore Yona Friedman’s realizable utopias, applying to the local context his visions from projects like Meuble Plus in a format of a live educational project. We will transform the gallery into a working space for production, guided by his ideas and we will engage with Bucharest’s contemporary condition, identifying trends and crystallizing answers by producing local adapted tools that will support the city’s agents of change.

4-5.11 – Workshop Public Collecting led by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuș

In the frame of this workshop, a performative approach to museum collections and knowledge production is offered. Participants are to explore the potentials in reconstructing museal and social narratives, to critically engage with the „protocols” along which values are established, and with the idea of temporality being part of architectural design.

4-5.11 – Workshop City as Museum led by Anca Benera + Arnold Estefan

This workshop is to explore the urban space as a temporary and continuously changing museum, setting this approach against the reality of the Romanian institutional context. Ordinary objects, situations and gestures can all be considered constituents of its collection, the preservation and presentation of which is a challenge to work with.

6.11 – Final presentation by Nikolett Eross, Alexandra Pirici, Manuel Pelmuș, Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan.

Partners: București, Institutul Maghiar Balassi din București, Centrul Ceh, Rondo Ganahl.

This project is co-financed by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național.
The project does not necessarily represent the view of Administrația Fondului Cultural Național. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the means in which the project results can be used. This falls entirely on the grant beneficiary’s responsibility.

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