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Depository of the Initiative for the Petite Bourgeois Party in Iași

Public presentation and working table / Nebojsa Milikic

Saturday, 15th of October 2016 Iași
Al. Lăpusneanu St. 7-9

The second particle of the Depository of the Initiative for the Petite Bourgeois Party in Iași will be publically discussed at Iași together with Nebojša Milikić on Saturday, 15th of October 2016.

"Participants can present and propose particles for the Depository (meaning cases, samples, examples, facts, indications of the manifestations of petite-bourgeois related ideological, political, cultural processes and products).

The goal of depository is to enable outlining, analyses and presentation of the given ideological stand/stands as well as of the the related political abilities and inabilities. On the basis of the Depository analytical experience, the Initiative should further focus on the necessity (internationally and locally) in articulating and investigating general stands, ambitions and capacities of the petite bourgeois in the past, present and future actualities.

The introduction to the debate and co-work should focus on necessity and possibility of defining the very notion of „petite bourgeois” of today, after which the collaborative analyses of collected particles will take part at the working table.

Who is the petite bourgeois of today? Are they/we defined through property relation or by the place in the production processes? Are they/we recognizable after social positioning, income, life style? And why to initiate the establishment of the party when every petite bourgeois of today will turn his/her head in disguise at the very hearing of the given, quite derogatory and usually mocking term? Still it is a petite bourgeois, a klaine-burger, a mic-burghez (Romanian) ... who holds the most of the crucial positions in every capitalist sub-system, be it economic, political, cultural etc. Is the vehement refusal of adopting the class consciousnesses of the petite bourgeois possible way of denying the responsibility for consequences of establishment and rule of that system? Whether and how this denial can be reflected in particular „particles” that would hopefully grow in an open-end educative depository of traces, symptoms, indications and proofs of their/our own political and intellectual dialectics?" (Nebojša Milikić)