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A project by Lia Perjovschi

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b2. marathon meeting/ brainstorming
A project by Lia Perjovschi
ASTRA library (reading room), Sibiu, Str. G. Baritiu, nr. 5
September 28th, 2013, from 10-6 p.m.

Strategies and tactics in a difficult local / global context to have autonomous spaces, decent budgets and respect for contemporary art and artists?...

A brochure (with other similar positions)... and a summary on the website and facebook page of… soon

Artists of an indifferent context …
Alexandru Oglindă – (artist Bucharest), Anca Mihuleț – (historian / curator Sibiu), Andra Matzal - (anthropologist Bucharest), Bogdan Armanu – (Occupy Art University, Iasi), Claudiu Cobilanschi – (artist Bucharest), Csilla Könczei - (anthropologist Cluj), Edi Constantin (artist Bucharest), Gabi Roşca – (architect Sibiu), KF Arad - Gabi Cosma – (artists Arad), A35 - Larisa Crunțeanu (artist Bucharest), MAGMA - Ágnes Evelin Kispál, Attila Kispál, Baji Vetro (artists Sf. Gheorghe), Mădălina Dan – (choreographer Bucharest), Miklós Szilárd – (artist Cluj), Cluj Autonomous Market - Alex Boguş (Cluj), Monotremu - (artist Tg. Mures), Ştefan Tiron – (artist/ curator Bucharest), Veda Popovici - (artist Timişoara/ Bucharest) … and network members

brainstorming is an annual project by Lia Perjovschi, organized by Sibiu.

Main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.

“Complex and thought -provoking art is having a harder time then ever, not only to come about but also to circulate beyond an already converted audience. (…) entertaining and easily digestible art is becoming more and more prevalent-in the public eye, almost synonymous with “art” itself. Both developments are connected with new power dynamics in the wake of globalization, neoliberal policies of deregulation and financialization, and the boom of the commercial art market. (…) the criteria of economic efficiency invade art production as well as curating, it is necessary to scrutinize the mechanisms at play and what they generate.”
Maria Lind from “Contemporary art and its commercial markets. A report on current conditions and future scenarios – Maria Lind and Olav Velthuis (eds.)

"Artist now becomes a “producer” of life, a worker, an agent (…)" - Boris Groys

"Art becomes an attempt to reactivate sensibilities and solidarity (…) Engagement (…) Empathy (…) Without empathy the social relation becomes brutal, aggressive, barbarian (…)" - Franco Berardi Bifo (Mousse Contemporary Art Magazine issue 34, 2012)

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