română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Iasi - presentation by the Satellite Group

Friday, November 2nd 2012, 18.30 hours, Iasi invites you to the presentation of the unrealized projects of the artist-group Satellites (Social Artistic Tendency Group). The group was formed in 2010 in extension of their members’ artistic studies at the Iasi art university.

Therefore, Satellite replies to the less usual invite of an art institution to compile a presentation of the projects that for various reasons could not be materialized and realized in a concrete form.

The two projects that will be analyzed are “Planck time ” (a reference to a system of measurement units in theoretical physics radically different to the much better known and more frequently used International system of Units [S.I.]; Planck system is allegedly free of the anthropocentric arbitrariness that seems to define the International System of Units) and “The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog” – the slightly modified form of a famous sentence in English that contains all the letters of the alphabet of this language.

SATELLITE (Social Artistic Tendency group) is a collaborative group of artists initiated by: Delia Bulgaru, Clara Casian, Anca Ștefănică, Alex Tărnăuceanu, Andrei Timofte and Cristina Totolici in February 2010. The group members completed their BA and MA degrees at the Mural Art Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Decorative Arts and Design within “George Enescu” University of Arts in Iasi.

“The artistic practice developed by the members of this group has a social applicability and addresses a research on local or extended socio-political context. The artworks are focused on contemporary issues therefore the projects become a chronicle in images of the important local events.” (SATELLITE)

The current formula includes three active members: Delia Bulgaru, Alex Tărnăuceanu, Andrei Timofte.