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Discussion around the book Bright Ecologies with Caretto/Spagna

Saturday, 6th of July.2024, at 2. p.m

A meeting at The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life
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The Italian artistic duo Caretto/Spagna will present their first monograph entitled "Bright Ecologies. Caretto/Spagna: experiences, forms, materials" which extensively traces and documents more than 20 years of their artistic research structured on research involving care, the transformation of matter and experiments in form, materialized in sculptures, site-specific installations, laboratories, residencies, actions, and collective projects based on encounter, process, gift, participation, and co-authorship. The result of a close dialogue between artists, curators, and the publisher, the publication blends a documentary approach, critical and theoretical interpretation, and a rich body of descriptions and images.

Precursors of ecologically engaged artistic practices, Caretto/Spagna identify art as the realm for a radical experience of openness, undisciplined research, and engagement with the Things of the world: the earth, seeds, people, stones, the museum, the river, the quarry, the tree, micro-organisms. By activating a collection of objects (small sculptures, drawings, plants, found objects, etc.) selected from their personal archive, the artists will guide the audience through an interactive journey across the book's contents and the section dedicated to the archives, structured around ten key concepts: All the Things That Are, Domestications, Dwelling, Soil as Experience, Matter in-formation, Abyssal Time, Mountains Waters, Divinations, Dark Matters, Museum as Ecosystem.

Caretto/Spagna have been working together since 2002 and their artistic practice is marked by a philosophical, poetic and strongly political matrix expressed through activism and reflection on issues that are currently central to the international theoretical and artistic debate, in parallel with the rise of post-humanist and ecocentric philosophies, new materialisms and the growing alarm over climate change.

Bright Ecologies
Caretto/Spagna: Experiences, Forms, Materials
by Caretto/Spagna
edited by Giorgina Bertolino, Francesca Comisso, Cecilia Guida, Alessandra Pioselli

The publisher of the volume is Viaindustriae publishing, Foligno ( in co-edition with the French publisher Les presses du réel (