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The Problems and Horizons of Socially Engaged Art Today

FEINART Lecture Series with Prof John Roberts

The Future of European Independent Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art

We are proud to announce the first of the FEINART Lecture Series.

On March 5 at 18:30 CET Prof John Roberts from the University of Wolverhampton will give a lecture on ‘The Problems and Horizons of Socially Engaged Art Today’. The talk will address the core questions of democracy, collaboration, and autonomy and will be moderated by Prof Karen van den Berg of Zeppelin University.

This event is free and can be accessed by simply clicking on the following link at the time of the lecture:

FEINART is the first EU funded network to provide a wide-ranging academic and non-academic training programme for the development and production of social engaged art in Europe. The training programme will co-ordinate an extensive critical analysis and gathering of data about the contemporary role, impact, and networks of distribution of socially engaged art. As such, it represents a major opportunity for new research into the support and dissemination of socially engaged art, with important implications for the future public funding of the independent arts sector.

The network covers four Beneficiaries (University of Wolverhampton, UK – Project Coordinator; University of Edinburgh, UK; Zeppelin University, Germany; University of Iceland, Iceland) and seven Partner Organisations (Tensta Konsthall, Sweden; BAK, Netherlands; State of Concept, Greece; Vessel, Italy; Tranzit. ro, Romania; Biennale Warsaw, Poland; and Iceland University of the Arts, Iceland).

The programme is funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) Action.

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Recording of the lecture now on youtube