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Is political news real? Or is it only a fiction that covers economic interests?

- an evening with artists Jacopo Tomassini and Rikke Ehlers Nilsson -

In the recent years, the European community, which some countries are striving to become part of while others are just thinking to leave, has started to stir the old questions around identity in Europe.

Going to visit a city which is an EU capital has become pretty much an exercise of “spot the differences while there are still any”; at the same time, stereotypes are being reinforced with government support and local tastes are turned into either kitschy souvenirs of fetishes for the coolness hunters. However, spending a bit more time in such a place starts to raise the real questions, those in which identity (so eagerly invoked in public as well as private discourses) is seen as a cover-up for economic inequalities or political propaganda.

Italian artist Jacopo Tomassini and Danish artist Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, both of them currently in residence at Bucharest Air, have come together to present their individual practices in order to start a conversation about European identity, Bucharest’s new landscape and the visual economy they are researching for their artistic works.


Presentation starts at 8 pm.

Preceded and followed by drinks and music in the garden (playlist by Jacopo).

This event is part of the residency of artists Jacopo Tomassini and Rikke Ehlers Nilsson at Bucharest Air.

Bucharest Air, established in 2010, functions as a non-profit organization, ran and managed by artists Tudor Bratu, Alice Gancevici, Remus Pușcariu, and Ioana Gheorghiu. Bucharest Air aims at generating and maintaining a high level platform for cultural exchange in Bucharest.


Partner: Bucureşti

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