română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Bucuresti - Debate and book launch with CriticAtac

A year since the 2012 protests + launch of CriticAtac 2012 Anthology

Thursday, 7th of February 2013, from 18:00h, at Bucuresti, str. Gazelei 44, sector 4
On the occasion of the publication of CriticAtac 2012 Anthology (published by Editura TACT, Cluj), you are invited to a book launch and debate, starting from what was probably the most important event with political implications lately: the social movements from January 2012.
It has been a year since the protests that brought to surface a more radical political consciousness in post-communist Romania. Meanwhile, these protests were partially capitalized by politics, partially forgotten. Political power changed, not least with the important help of the protests, however, despite many demands heard during these manifestations, the policy of the new so-called leftist government is following in the footsteps of the old rightist governments. Therefore, a year after the protests in 2012, we could ask ourselves: what did we have and what did we lose?

The debate will be followed by the announcement of the 3rd edition of CriticAtac Award’s winner.

The nominees for this award in 2012 were:

Florian Banu (editor), Amorsarea Revoluţiei: România anilor ‘80 văzută prin ochii Securităţii, Editura Cetatea de Scaun
Emanuel Copilaș, Geneza leninismului romantic. O perspectivă teoretică asupra orientării internaționale a comunismului românesc, 1948-1989, prefață de Michael Shafir, Institutul European
Andrei Gorzo, Lucruri care nu pot fi spuse altfel, Editura Humanitas
Ion Ianoşi, Internaţionala mea. Cronica unei vieţi, Editura Polirom
Antonio Momoc, Capcanele politice ale sociologiei interbelice. Şcoala gustiană între carlism şi legionarism, Editura Curtea Veche
Bogdan Murgescu, Ţările Române între Imperiul Otoman şi Europa Creştină, Editura Polirom
Victor Rizescu, Tranziţii discursive, Editura Corint

CriticAtac is a social, intellectual and political critique group, with mainly leftist orientation, but without being an ideological faction. The group was founded in 2010 and activates through texts published daily on the online platform but also through conferences, debates and other events. CriticAtac organized together with Friedrich Ebert Foundation from Romania the CriticAtac Social Forum in 2011 and the Forum of Progressive Platforms from Central and Eastern Europe in 2012.

The event takes place within the exhibition "Km. 0. Representations and repetitions of the University Square", which can be visited at Bucuresti until the 28th of February.