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tranzit. ro/ Iași, 1+1, Satelit and Teatru Fix
Str. Sf. Atanasie, nr. 25, Iași


What is it? Not really well defined yet.
Is it a new Collective? No.
Is it a platform? Maybe.Is it an adress? Fore sure.
Are you a new legal entity? No.
Do you want to become one? Not really.
Are you in together? Yes. Are you separate? Yes.
Is it a hub? Not really identifying with the concept, but one can use it if need it. Where the name GreenHouse comes from? Is is an actual green coloured house and we are all artists... Also, we just thought it is a very nice coincidence to inhabit a green coloured house while beying able to play a bit with the meaning of it in English.
How did you come together? Need brought us together.
Are you four or are you one? We are four, but we can also be one.
How many people inhabit ”the four”? This starts to be tricky. We can be really many. Depends on the needs.
What do you share? Material resources, exostion, burneout, partners, sometimes concepts.
Does this Q&A has one or multiple authors? It is written by one of the ones of the four.
Is this statement shared? We will see.
Are you going to learn / unlearn / destroy / build all over again from your experiences ignoring all the experiences of the independent spaces that you know and read about? Most probably.

Do you have, as organisation, separate mission statements? Yes. Very different, built up by each becoming.
Who do you adress? One of the ones of the four is adressing local, national and international cultural scene. For the three remaining anwswers, please visit their websites.
Who are you? tranzit. ro/ Iași
1+1, Satelit and Teatru Fix
Who do you want to be? tranzit. ro/ Iași, 1+1, Satelit and Teatru Fix.
Do you share a common account on social media? No. ”We” think that more is even more.
Who is ”We”? Still undefined.
What do you think future will bring to you? ...How can we check your activities? Please visit each and every website that each of us have built in the past ten years working in and for the independent cultural scene scene in Iași by,,,
Do you have Instagram account? Yes, please follow us @tranzitiasi, @asociatiasatelit, @unuplusunu, @teatrufix
Who is your main partner? tranzit. ro main partner is Erste Foundation.
Other’s main partners? Please check their websites or Instagram accounts.
Who is in the image accompaning this Q&A and where is it taken? This image is done with the timer option, on the stairs of the GreenHouse backcourtyard featuring from left to right: Paula Diaconu-Crețu, Stanca Jabenițan, Florin Bobu, Maria Comârlău, Livia Pancu, Delia Bulgaru.
Who is missing from the picture? Smaranda Ursuleanu, Andrei Gavril, Andrei Timofte, Andreea Cioară least.
Does this Q&A has also a Romanian language version? No.