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Book launch and debate

Between two crises there is, at least, room for reflection. A decade after the economic crisis which erupted in 2008, and in the imminence of a new crisis signaled by almost all reliable economic indicators, it is worth asking ourselves how did we end up, again, in the same place. That is, more precisely: which were the social and political developments that led to this new crisis, which finds us even more unprepared and demobilized than ten years ago? In what way, then, should we read and connect the main evolutions and involutions of the international political context and its national configuration? Moreover, how can they be explained from the perspectives of the local and international dynamics of capital accumulation, configuration of class structures, and their political and ideological articulation? Last but not least, which were, in all this multilayered context and tumultuous yet somehow frozen decade, the main achievements or limitations, both theoretical and practical, of our local progressive front?

Friday, 13th December, 6 pm, at, we gladly invite you to a round table discussion around these topics, occasioned by the publication of two recent books: Costi Rogozanu, Epoca de mijloc, and Alex Cistelecan, De la stânga la stânga. Lecturi critice în câmpul progresist (Tact, Cluj, 2019) .

Dana Domsodi
Veronica Lazăr
Florin Poenaru
Ciprian Șiulea,

Alex Cistelecan și Costi Rogozanu

str. Napoca nr 16, etaj I., Cluj

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