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Between Post-Fascism and Pure Capitalism

G.M.Tamás at 70

10 December 2018, 7 pm Cluj
Napoca St, no 16, 1st floor, Cluj

Guests: G.M. Tamás, István Adorján, Alex Cistelecan, Joe Grim Feinberg, Andrei State, Attila Szigeti

Moderator: Dana Domsodi

A festive and anniversary discussion honoring Gáspár Miklós Tamás for his 70th birthday, which aims to re-visit the main theories and concepts developed throughout his works: from the interpretation of ‘really existing’ socialisms in Eastern Europe, to the analysis of contemporary post-fascism, through the two different socialist conceptions of classes, the relationship between philosophy, revolution and barbarism and, last but not least, a panoramic survey on the influence of G.M.Tamás’ theory and practice on our contemporary cultural and political context.

Gáspár Miklós Tamás (1948) is a Hungarian philosopher. He has studied philosophy and classics in Cluj and București, and graduated in 1972. After working as an assistant editor, he got into political difficulties with the Romanian authorities of the time, emigrated to Hungary where he taught, between 1979-1981, at the University of Budapest (ELTE). Sacked for political reasons again, he became known as one of the Hungarian dissident intellectuals. Elected as a liberal member of the Hungarian Parliament in 1989, he quit professional politics in 1994. He was the head of the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and has taught and done research at several universities in the United States, Britain and Europe, as well as at the Central European University in Budapest. He published several articles and essays on political philosophy and social theory, and his writings have been translated into 14 languages. Some of his most important books are: A szem és a kéz [The Eye and the Hand (samizdat), Budapest, 1983; French edition: Geneva, 1985], Idola tribus [in Hungarian and French, Paris, 1989, 1991], Másvilág [Otherworld, Budapest, 1994], Törzsi fogalmak I.-II. [Tribal Concepts, Budapest, 1999], Postfascism și anticomunism [Post-fascism and anticommunism, Cluj, 2014], Kommunismus nach 1989. Beiträge zu Klassentheorie, Realsozialismus und Osteuropa [Communism after 1989. Studies on Class Theory, Real Socialism and Eastern Europe, Wien, 2015].

Istvan Adorjan is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Chicago, where he is completing his dissertation on the economic crisis of the EU.

Alex Cistelecan, essayist, editor at Vatra magazine and CriticAtac platform; author of numerous essays and studies in philosophy and political theory; editor of the collective volume Exotic Plants. The Theory and Practice of Romanian Marxists (2015)

Joseph Grim Feinberg is a research fellow at the Philosophy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and is editor of Contradictions: A Journal for Critical Thought. Author of The Paradox of Authenticity (2018).

Andrei State, Phd in philosophy, editor at Tact publishing house; author of numerous essays and studies in philosophy and political theory; editor of the collective volume Exotic Plants. The Theory and Practice of Romanian Marxists (2015).

Attila Szigeti is lecturer at the Hungarian Department of Philosophy, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj. He is teaching, doing research and publishing in the fields of contemporary philosophy and critical theory. He is an editor of the philosophical journal "Kellék”, as well as of the online journal of literature and social criticism "A szem”.

Dana Domsodi, doctor in philosophy and political science, journalist and essayist. Author of numerous essays and studies in philosophy and political theory.

Event initiated by Alex Cistelecan and Attila Szigeti

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