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Crisis Zones – War Territories, Conflict Areas: The World Around Us, Thought to Be Almost Peaceful

With Zsuzsánna Fodor (photo journalist) and Boróka Parászka (journalist)

Friday, 18th of May 2018, 6 pm

tranzit. ro/ Cluj
Brassai Samuel St, no 5

Our life is daily affected by the so-called refugee crisis and the humanitarian catastrophes that show up at the borders of the European Union and outside Europe. The relationship between these events hide complex processes, and they are not easy to understand. Our bilingual (Hungarian and English) Crisis Zone site’s goal is to offer a closer view on these processes, since they are often considered by European public distant and confusing. As collaborators of this site, we would like to propose to our readers new perspectives, beyond fake news, beyond superficial reports. We would like to make these challenging processes comprehensive, and we would like to rise empathy among the Eastern and Central European public. Zsuzsánna Fodor (photo journalist) and Boróka Parászka (journalist, editor of Marosvásárhelyi Rádió) gladly invite you to discuss about the latest challenges of data journalism, field work and human rights defence in conflict zones. Please follow their report journeys in Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Bangladesh.

An irreplaceable person of the Hungarian crisis zone journalism was our colleague, György Kakuk. Our presentation in Kolozsvár/Cluj is a tribute to his memory.

The main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.