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Protecting the same-sex couple under the law

Presentation by Vlad Popa and Diana Sabău

Friday, April 20th, 7 pm Iași
Al. Lăpușneanu St, no. 7-9

“We'll first introduce a number of basic definitions pertaining to the LGBT community, followed by specific scenarios describing the legal shortcomings that same-sex couples are confronted with in Romania. After these scenarios, we will list all the legal rights which are not guaranteed and give further explanations for each of them.

The last part of the event will be a Q&A session, which aims to address any additional questions or provide further insight into the previously discussed points, for a better understanding of said scenarios, and what impact these disadvantages have on the overall welfare and protection of same-sex couples. Also, we'll try and discuss how giving a legal frame to same-sex couples, with the purpose of protecting their partnership, will impact heterosexual couples.” (Vlad Popa and Diana Sabău)

Prisma, an organization promoting equality, is working to facilitate the transition towards a society in which the alternative is not perceived as a threat.