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Theories of Property and Poverty in Modern Philosophy

Coordonated by Dana Domsodi & Alex Cistelecan

5th and 19th of November 2017

tranzit. ro/ Cluj
Str. Brassai Samuel, nr. 5

Following the reading seminars organized in the previous years by Cluj (Legacies of Modernity and History of Economic Thought), starting this autumn we are proposing a new project of collective reading of the main theories of property and poverty in modern philosophy. From the legitimization of imperial piracy by Grotius and the ontology of money and property in Locke, through the elaboration of classical political economy and its first radical critiques, up to the „system of needs” and constraints of Hegel’s civil society, the seminar will revisit, in a series of by-monthly meetings, the different – yet coherent – ways in which the rationalist and egalitarian paradigm of modern philosophy has been mobilized in order to justify social inequality and injustice.

Seminar #2:

Grotius - De mare liberum (1605)
5th of November 2017

Seminar #3:

Sir William Petty: Note on the Political Arithmetik (1676)
19th of November 2017, 6 pm