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4th of November 2017

tranzit. ro/ Cluj
Str. Brassai Samuel, nr. 5

Regardless of one’s political views, the Great October Socialist Revolution is an undeniable historical fact. Nothing shows better the central role that the revolution played in the shaping of the 20th century than the fact that, in the last few years, there has been a veritable outburst of papers going as far as calling the revolutionary aspect of the October events itself into question. These events provoke genuine breaks and conflicts in the history of ideas in the 20th century, and this exactly the reason why we find it to be of paramount importance to engage with this revolutionary event at a philosophical level. Our intention is to work together on the question of what this revolution could mean for anyone today, at the intersection of philosophy and practical action, without the discussion getting bogged down in the swamp of either the statistical scaremongering of the death tolls or the slogans of superficially anti-authoritarian tabloid-democratism.

After two plenary presentations held by prof. Péter Egyed and the special guest G.M. Tamás, a round table talk was organized involving the public.

Coordinated by: Noémi Biró, András Áron Ivácsony, Szilárd Horváth-Kovács

Organized by: The 127 Philosophical Circle

Partners: Transylvanian Hungarian Philosophical Society, Cluj