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Lecture-performance and public discussion

Friday, 29th September 2017, 10 am

The Bastion Maria Theresia, Timişoara

A separate activity will be The Public Discussion about an Art Work in Ideological and Political Context with the participation of the Initiative of The Petit Bourgeois Party in Iaşi. The time will be announced on the 29th of September.

In the frame of its participation to the contemporary art biennale Art Encounters 2017, Timişoara and Arad, independent spaces section, Iaşi is offering you a meeting with the cultural worker and activist Nebojša Milikić who, together with the delegation of IPBPI – Initiative of the Petit Bourgeois Party in Iaşi will discuss about the works that are part of his private art collection as well as the motivations behind each acquisition. A written report about all the works presented during the lecture – performance will be displayed in the space allocated to Iaşi participation, for all the duration of the biennale.

Nebojša Milikić is an artist, activist and cultural worker that is for many years interested and involved in debates about history, historical revisionism and reflections of these debates in the artistic, theoretical and institutional domains. Through his activist, artist and various cultural production he explores and critically analyses relations of official and unofficial historical narratives, ideology, politics and memorial culture. He is chiefly engaged in historical debates in former Yugoslavian and Eastern European countries where he also initiated or joined related artistic and activist research platforms (Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo). He lives and works in Belgrade, where he coordinates the Speech programs of Cultural center Rex and participates in activist groups and initiatives like No To Rehabilitation, ReEX etc.

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