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Soirée critique X

Claudiu Gaiu, Attila Szigeti, Cristian Nichitean

21 April 2017, 6 pm Cluj,
Str. Brassai Sámuel, nr. 5

The more it changes…

France, once hailed as the traditional place of radical, emancipatory politics, offers us lately nothing but the common ongoing spectacle of neoliberalism’s agony as it clashes with its own, internally generated, demons. The presidential elections, scheduled for the 23rd of April, thus bring to the fore patterns which are already known from other places, yet with small local adjustments: the habitual extreme right’s upsurge; the strategic adoption by the center right of the discourse and political program of its fascist neighbor; a socialist party which seems to combine a leftish resurgence à la Corbyn with an internal disintegration à la PASOK; the habitual Melenchon stuck at the habitual 10% threshold; plus the customary independent, technocratic and anti-systemic candidate, promptly produced by the system and embraced by all ‘decent’ public opinion and media as the only chance for a honorable reproduction of the status quo.