română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/

art ft. politics

moderated by Janka Visky

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016, 7 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

moderated by Janka Visky

“Arts and politics” has been discussed since ancient times. Since the birth of democracy none of the strong ideologies were able to dodge the question of their interconnections. The same is today. The question of art being linked to or embedded in politics comes into discussions no matter we are for a neo-liberal market economy or we welcome the return of the conservative values. invites young authors working in the field of poetry, theatre, visual arts and film to discuss their projects and some of the ideas behind their artwork. Does it contain or reflect any political ideology? If yes, how are the artists trying to transmit their (political) stand to their target group without being called dogmatic and doctrinaire?


Kata Győrfi, poet / playwright
Levente Imecs-Magdó, actor
Nándor Jakab-Benke, film director / comics artist
Kund Kopacz, sculptor
Andrej Visky, theatre director


Janka Visky is a student of Political Science at the Babes-Bolyai University.

The event is part of a new series of lectures given in Hungarian, aiming to clarify the essential questions raised around the topics of some current issues.