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A history of economic thought. Capital speaks

Coordinated by Dana Domsodi

Friday, November 18th 2016, 6 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

Coordinated by Dana Domsodi

As the saying dictates know thy enemies, this seminar is an exercise into non-Marxist economic thought, which focuses on letting Capital(ism) speak and unfold in the terms he chose and chooses through its classical advocates. The seminar will cover a long historical period that spans from the early modern theories of mercantilism, passing through the birth and development of classical political economy to arrive until the contemporary non-Marxist accounts of the crisis.


1. Mercantilism, International trade, The physiocrats / Friday, December 18th 2016, 6 pm

For reading: Sir William Petty: Note on the Political Arithmetik; Sir James Steuart: On the first principles of bartering and how it grows into trade; Extract from the royal economic maxims of M. de Sully from Quesnay's Tableau economique; Jacques Turgot: Reflections on the formations and the distribution of wealth.

2. Forms of Property, Wealth of Nations, Ricardian theory of labor value (to be announced)

For reading: John Locke: On Property; Adam Smith: Of the causes of improvements in the productive powers of labor, and of the order according to which its produce is naturally distributed among the different ranks of the people Ch. 1-4; David Ricardo: On value

3. The Historical School
4. The marginal revolution
5. The great depression and Keynes
6. Chicago School of Economics
7. Neoliberalism and its discontents
8. Non-Marxist Readings of the crisis

Dana Domsodi is a PhD student in Political Theory at Sant Anna School of Advanced Studies working on a thesis regarding Eastern European economic migration. Domsodi has also collaborated with a number of journals and NGO-s. Passionate about Marxist theory, the meaning of being modern and holding political views forged at the intersection of personal history with the Law of value.