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Soirée Critique V

Brexit? Lexit? Romexit?

The ongoing economic crisis continually defies the established idea of European integration seen as the natural way of things. Moreover, the recent British referendum on the EU has managed to bring to the surface some crucial questions and heated debates on the left – even though in a public discussion still vastly dominated by right-wing arguments: is the reform of the EU possible? Is exiting the EU merely a nationalist regression? How should an internationalist progressive movement operate in this context? And, so as to bring the debate home: would a Romanian exit from the EU be desirable?

Guests: Lorin Ghiman and Alexandru-Vasile Sava

Proposed texts:

J.H.H Weiler – "Europe in Crisis - On Political Messianism, Legitimacy and the Rule of Law"

J.H.H Weiler – "On the Political and Legal DNA of the Union and the Current European Crisis"

Frédéric Lordon – "Leçons de Grèce à l’usage d’un internationalisme imaginaire (et en vue d’un internationalisme réel)"

Frédéric Lordon - Carpe DiEM?

Tariq Ali - Why we need a left exit from Fortress Europe