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Soirée Critique IV

Post-crisis University: Occupied, Evacuated, Reformed, Corporatized

University & Protest: Three years since Occupy UBB. What remains, what is solved, what is lost from the demands and hopes of the movement? Is this form of university protest still efficient or desirable today, or does it belongs to a romantic, revolute age of Romanian social activism?

University & Reform: What must and can be saved or reformed in the system of higher education, and from where? From the inside and in a separate way, through specific reforms, or from the outside, via structural decisions and profound changes of the whole sphere of social life?

University and society: Does the university have to be exempted from the criteria of "employability" on the labor market, or, on the contrary, saving its social mission depends inevitably on the structural necessities of the society in which it is integrated and on the objective constraints of the latter’s material basis?

Guests: Cristina Raț, Enikő Vincze, Alex Boguș and Norbert Petrovici

Organized in collaboration with CriticAtac.