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Capitalism, Temporality, and the Crisis of Labor
Lecture by Moishe POSTONE
Professor of Modern History at the University of Chicago, Senior Fellow at IFK - Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften

Saturday, 19 March 2016, 6 pm. Cluj,
Str. Brassai Sámuel nr. 5

The ongoing economic crisis is not just the result of excessive, immoral, financialization and, thus, cannot be overcome by a simple return to ‘real production’. Instead, it is the expression of a growing exhaustion of the inherent logic of capital, and thus, can be overcome only by a radical critique of the fundamental categories of this mode of production: not only capital and value, but also labor and class.

The third installment of our Culture and Politics of Crisis series of lectures will focus on this specific – and more and more problematic – relation between labor, history and temporality in capitalism, with Moishe Postone, professor at University of Chicago, author of the groundbreaking Time, Labor, and Social Domination and representative of one of the most original and innovative critical theories to have been elaborated in the last decades.

G. M. Tamás
Dana Domsodi

Alex Cistelecan

The event will also feature a presentation of the brand new Romanian translation of Moishe Postone's History and Heteronomy (Tact, 2016, translated by Veronica Lazăr).

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