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Video - Forum ǀ Video collection of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) In Iași Iași, Al Lăpușneanu St. 7-9
Monday, Octombrie 5, 2 p.m.

Shahram Entekhabi - Happy Meal, 2004, 00:12:38
Samira Eskandarfar - A Dowry for Mahrou, 2006, 00:06:05
Jayce Salloum - Untitled Part 3B (As If) Beauty never ends.., 2003, 00:11:04
Ursula Biemann - Sahara Chronicle, 2006-2009, 00:45:55

This is the fifth presentation taking part of a 7 selections from Video-Forum (n.b.k.) which is also the oldest collection of video art from Germany. The project is taking place from July to October 2015.

The selection that will be screened on Monday, 5th of October is realized by Florin Bobu.

”Hoping that my selection will not alter the unity of each of the videos, I shall try to superimpose on it my own story, which intends to point out that in the geographic and cultural space we inhabit there is a promise of a more intimate (although always open to interpretation) understanding of issues presented as being geographically remote and culturally foreign, depending on the current political and economic context.

The Romanian public, and especially the Romanian media have been shaken lately by the refugee crisis. For the media, the crisis appeared significant due to its potential call to align to the idea of an European identity and to manifest our desire to be Europeans, rather than due to any real interest for the fate of these people."
(Florin Bobu)

Florin Bobu (b. 1978, Tecuci) is a Romanian artist and curator who lives and works in Iași. He studied Media Art (B.A., 2005), as well as Sculpture (B.A., 2005) at ArtEZ/AKI, Akademie voor beeldende kunst en design, Enschede, The Netherlands.
President since 2012 of the 1+1 association, a not-for-profit institution that aims to promote the role of contemporary artists in today's Romanian society by strengthening their status, discussing their responsibilities and supporting artistic practices. He is also a volunteer co-curator of Iași, since 2012.
Among the exhibitions he has participated in:
“Best Man”, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, curator Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig Sectiunea Déconstruction / Reconstruction (2008); “Videos Europa” (2009); “As You Desire Me”, the contemporary art gallery of the Brukenthal National Museum, curator: Raluca Voinea (2010); “The Vector Association at Western Front” (2011); “Cradle Count” (with Andrea Faciu), The Unanswered question. Iskele 2, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein & Tanas Berlin. curator: Rene Block (2013); ”Democracy – not quite enough for everybody”, RAM – Media Art, Http:// section - the Media Art festival, Arad (2014); The School of Kyiv – Kiev Biennial (with Cristina David, Livia Pancu and Dan Acostioaei), (2015).

This project can be regarded as an attempt to allow a different approach of the concept of “collection” and producing new contexts for the local video-art production in Iași. Each selection will be offering a subjective and unique image of Video-Forum and also new understanding of how the international video art history is working on the tissue of new video productions in Iași.

Video-Forum at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.)
Founded in 1971 as an artists’ initiative, the Video-Forum, with its over 1,600 works of video art, is the oldest collection of video art in Germany. The focal points of the collection are Fluxus, feminist video, the historical and contemporary situation for video art in Berlin, as well as approaches reflecting on the media. Key works by artists from the 1960s and 1970s are represented on an equal footing with contemporary productions. The Video-Forum regularly co-produces new works and organizes regular exhibitions, screenings and discussions related to video art. Visitors may view works in the collection free of charge.

Organizer: Iași
Main partner: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and Video-Forum
Partner: University of Arts ”G. Enescu”, Iași
The project is curated by: Florin Bobu and Livia Pancu

The main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.