română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Iaşi – Presentation and workshop with Nebojsa Milikić Iaşi – Presentation and workshop with Nebojsa Milikić

Starting on Monday, 22nd of July and continuing on Tuesday, 23rd and Wednesday, 24th of July, Iași is inviting you to join a presentation and a two days workshop with the cultural worker, researcher and activist, Nebojsa Milikić. Continuing its series of presentions, where each guest could disscuss very specific, sometimes niche subjects related to the artistic practice, Iași invited our guest to give a lecture on paleontology, a subject researched by Milikić both in his BA and MA studies in Belgrade, but also in the years after. This will be his first presentation of this kind in his artistic and cultural activity. The days after he will conduct a workshop on what he calls "writing political (auto)biographies".

Looking and Seeing - presentation

22.07.2013, 7 pm
Iaşitex building, 7th floor,
B-dul Primaverii no. 2, Iaşi

„How paleontology teaches us to see what we look at? The scientific discipline which is neglected in the primary schooling, acts as a guide to Earth's past and a cognitive magnifier of natural history. In order to accept the postulates of paleontology, including the understanding of geological time, of the appearance, developement and extincions of living organisms and the logic and scope of changes in the Earth's crust, one is almost obliged to deinstall the system of learning required for most of the other knowledge. And to install the new system, which also has its unplanned side effects...” (Nebojsa Milikić)

Workshop in writing political (auto)biographies with Nebojsa Milikić

23 - 24.07.2013, starting with 11 am
Iaşitex building, 7th floor,
B-dul Primaverii no. 2, Iaşi

Nebojsa Milikić is willing to help all possibly interested inhabitants of Iasi to write their own or the political biography of persons they know. The workshop intends to trace and discuss the history of political believes, behavior, activities, disappointments, doubts, hopes of the persons in question. The working method implies one or several meetings which end up in making the written note about each person. The notes could be further discussed, after considerable time. Maybe they are archived. Maybe they are sent to the given persons, for confirmation or confrontation. Maybe they are forgotten or destroyed, it depends on the political situation. Thus, on the one hand, the workshop suggests that everybody has his-her own political past and future. On the other it plays with an ever existing fear of secret services, of the Big Other that wants to know and knows "where we have been and what we've been thinking or doing"...

Nebojša Milikić (born in 1964)
Cultural worker, researcher and activist, lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. He is involved in organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts; also he is active in research projects and public campaigns. Milikić writes about cultural and artistic production and works at Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of debate programs and the program of democratization and decentralization of culture.This will be his third stay in Iași, where he fell in love with the Romanian modernist architecture including IAȘITEX building and the (now demolished) ȚESĂTURA factory. He was also impressed by the civilized tolerant public treatement of stray dogs. Studies: MA in paleontology at the Institute for Regional Geology and Paleontology in Belgrade (2000), The School of History and Theory of Image (Centre for Contemporary Art Belgrade) (2001) and The Queer Studies (The Center for Queer Studies, Belgrade) (2013).

This program is part of Fiction, Rhetoric and Facts project developed by in 2012-2013 and Hard Fact series developed by Iași.

Rudist bivalves in the Upper Cretaceous Collades Member near Isona, Spain