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Presentation by Liliana Basarab Iaşi – Workshops: Yes, no, maybe...
Techniques and (in)formal methods of working with the public and their relevance for the production of an arts project

Presentation by Liliana Basarab
11.07.2013, 7-8 pm
Iaşitex building, 7th floor, B-dul Primaverii no. 2, Iaşi

This Thursday, Iaşi welcomes you to a presentation by Liliana Basarab. Invited to speak about her use of “workshop” as a working methodology in constructing art projects, the artist is offering a brief introduction below, while waiting for your participation on the 11th of July.

“The presentation will focus on workshops as developing methods of artistic projects. It will bring into discussion the negotiation with hosting institutions, with participants/ collaborators and the initiator of the project – the artist, as well as the expectations connected to the finalization of the artistic process. It has become part of my practice, by now, to constantly work in different geographical areas, shaped by a variety of factors that I am trying to observe and to identify. The presentation at Iaşi will focus on the role of workshops in relation to the outcome of the project.

Which are the building mechanisms of an art project? What are the stages of negotiation leading towards the final outcome? These are the questions that I am interested in and on which my practice is based on.” (Liliana Basarab)

Liliana BASARAB (born in 1979), visual artist, lives and works in Bucharest. She has an MA from the Art University in Iasi in 2005. In 2006 she was part of Pavillion program at Palais de Tokio, Paris.

© Liliana Basarab, photo by Katarzyna Hoffmann, MPRA, Poznan, Poland, 2012