română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Iasi - Young Artists Teaching Art: Oana Maria Nae, Lavinia German, Dumitru Oboroc Iaşi
Iaşitex building, 7th floor
B-dul Primaverii no. 2,

Friday November 23rd 2012, at 18:30h Iaşi invites you to a discussion with Lavinia German, Oana Maria Nae and Dumitru Oboroc, three young educators that, after finishing the art studies, have chosen to tech art or the history and theory of art in different departments of the “G. Enescu” Art University from Iasi.

Young Artists Teaching Art tries to map the possible professional trajectories of these young artists, with an interest in the contemporary art practices, as well as to reveal the particular way in which each of them is negotiating within their life the balance between their role as an artist and their role as a teacher.

Young Artists Teaching Art closes the first series of weekly events initiated by Iasi as a reply to the need for a simple communication platform* for the various artists that are active on the Iasi contemporary art scene.

By organizing these presentations Iaşi made an attempt to regroup and re-capitalize the efforts of these artists/theoreticians to act in a local context or in different other contexts.

The main intention was to highlight and list the various possibilities – economically viable – of initiating, supporting, financing and developing a theoretical/artistic practice in a local, national and international context. The economical sustainability criteria was used because of the conviction that the artists’ (and art works’ respectively) ways of financing find themselves - sometimes diffusely and sometimes clearly – reflected in the artistic practices and in the specific practical articulation of each project respectively.

Some of the financing mechanisms that we concentrated on during this series of presentations were the following: the self-organization and the financing from the British academic environment that allows the development of a non-commercial experimental institution (Vlad Morariu), financing as a result of some applications to projects’ contests (Daniela Palimariu & Luminita Apostu), self-organization and self-financing (Satellite), self-organization and financing of a art project as a result of a projects’ contest organized by a British art institution (Matei Bejenaru), self-organization and financing through a German art institution’s commission (Dan Acostioaei), self-organization and financing from the Romanian academic environment (Dumitru Oboroc, Lavinia German, Oana Maria Nae)

As a practical manifestation of the discussion on the future of the contemporary art scene in Iasi, Iaşi further invites the young teachers Lavinia German, Dumitru Oboroc and Oana Maria Nae to organize and curate in the first part of 2013 a series of exhibitions featuring young artists that are still studying (BA level) at the “G. Enescu” Art University Iasi.


*The series of presentations was inspired by the novel The storyteller (El Hablador, 1987) of the Peruan writer Mario Vargas Llosa in which the main character Saul Zuratas travels in the diffuse territory of a dispersed community and succeeds through his stories to function as a binder in the structure of the collective memory of that community.

Lavinia German (b. 1983) is a visual artist who lives and works in Iasi, Romania. She is curently heading the seminar classes on photography at the University of Arts in Iasi and works on a PhD research on strategies of representation in contemporary photography. Her artistic work is primarily concerned with notions of personal and collective intimacy.

Oana Maria Nae has a degree in Mural Painting at University of Arts and Design and currently she is a PhD student in art history and consequently tutore whithin the same university. She is interested in art mediation as well as installation art. Oana Nicuţă had a research residency at CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, at the artistic mediation department, she coordinated a mediation program in the frame of Biennial for Contemporary Art Periferic 8 and published several articles in professional journals.

Dumitru Oboroc was born in 1981 in Republic of Moldova. From 1996 he lives and works in Iaşi, România. He has a higher education degree in the field of arts and has succeeded to participate in several international art shows. Since 2008 he works at Universitatea de Arte “George Enescu” Iaşi as a technician and a tutor in the Department of Sculpture. He is married and has a daughter. His last participation in art events are: Drifting Identities - Muzeul Zemstvei, Chişinău, KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, 2012; The Journey to The East - Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków (MOCAK), Krakow, 2011; The Journey to The East - Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland, 2011; Critical Alienated Works, Preview Berlin - The Emerging Art Fair, Berlin. 2011.