română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/ Bucuresti - Silver Academy - a project by Pavel Sterec

An event organized by the Czech Centre Bucharest

Tuesday, 20 November 2012, 19:00h, București, str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

The interdisciplinary project “The Silver Academy” by the artist Pavel Sterec, former artist-in-residence at the Czech Centre Bucharest is revolving around questions related to education throughout one’s entire life and especially to education of retired people. Pavel Sterec has chosen this subject because it illustrates in the best way a more complex phenomenon which can be summarized under the question: what sense does education make if there is no direct connection with its fruition? For people who are entering the productive age, their education is supported through preparing them for the future employment, with which they can “reward” society for what was invested in them. When it comes to education of people who are no longer in their productive age, we can ask rather philosophical questions and to see education and knowledge in general as a value in itself, which is no longer a profitable value.

The Czech artist Pavel Sterec reached the conclusion, following his one-month residency in Bucharest that this is an important subject to discuss in Romania, which, comparing to other countries in Europe doesn’t have the so-called “Third Age University” – an official programme for the education of retired people and where also andragogy is not taught as a discipline at the University.

At the discussion organized as part of the event there will participate the Aesthetics professor
Gheorghe Ceaușu, Katia Pascariu, representing 4th AGE Community Arts Centre and retired people who study and who find it important to stay active when in their retirement age.

Pavel Sterec is an artist who lives and works in Prague, finalist of the Jindrych Chalupecky Prize 2011, member of the artistic group POLE.

The event is organized by the Czech Centre Bucharest together with Bucureşti. is a contemporary art institution founded in 2012 at the initiative of ERSTE Foundation, which has become the fifth member of the network.