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Residency of Elena Vlădăreanu at the Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life, Siliștea Snagovului

26-28 July 2023

With a minimal infrastructure, a garden invaded by Jerusalem artichokes and temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, the Station is hardly the place ready to host artistic residencies. Nevertheless, following one of the objectives for the Station, to make its construction a transparent process, accompanied by events, workshops and other occasions for participation, invited Elena Vlădăreanu to test the idea of research and reflection residency at the space of the Station.

Elena Vlădăreanu is a writer, currently following a PhD at the Center for Excellency in the Study of Image (CESI) in Bucharest, with a thesis about (auto)biographies in contemporary theatre.
She published several volumes of poetry, prose, theatre and children literature, and she worked in the performative arts with the theatre directors Robert Bălan, Bobi Pricop, Bogdan Mustață, Zakariás Zalán. Her most recent collaboration was to the choreographic performance Ember by Judith State, with Judith State, Istvan Teglas, Radu Dumitriu (October 2022, WASP, Bucharest). She is the author of several video works that she exhibited in different contexts, the most recent one, the work Tangled in a group exhibition at Alert Studio in Bucharest, June 2023.

The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life is a collective project of a group of cultural workers, who, together with, co-own and co-manage a plot of land in the village Silistea Snagovului. The Station aims, through an open, participative process of building and contextualization, to become a place for research and/of the living, situated in a post-development narrative and based on ecological and ethical principles.