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Artist in Residency: ANDREI NACU

March – June 2020

March – June 2020

@tranzitiasi has smoothly started the 2020 less public, but more focused on research and collaborations. Early on, in March we welcomed London based artist Andrei Nacu for a residency in his hometown, Iași.

When I was a child, almost every year, in the summer holiday, I was going with my family on trips to places like Lacu Roșu, Dorna Candrenilor or the Văratec and Agapia monasteries.

I’ve spent my childhood on the shore of the brook (the Nicolina stream). It was a place where I was feeling safe and at the same time I could explore and discover the world. To come back in Iasi for this residency could be like going out to the playground, to offer me the time, the freedom and the context necessary to rediscover this place, so I can understand how it has changed and how I’ve changed in relation to it.” (Andrei Nacu, 2019)

This residency is part of the multianual project tranzitiasi 2020: periphery – history – contemporary art. Cultural project co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is neither responsible of the project content or of the way in which the
project results may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

Image: “The sumer of 1989.