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Oberliht Association & Drujba Collective Iași – traveling exhibition

Zpace / 3rd Space studio / Stalker Garden (The House of Zemstvo, 103, Al. Șciusev St., Chisinau)

May - June 2024

Oberliht Association & Drujba Collectiveși is an exhibition that resulted from a collaboration between tranzitiasi and Oberliht Association back in 2023. Initially presented in September, 2023 at Iasi, in the frame of Ways of Organisation project, this year we have decided to exhibit the works that make it up in the spaces of the House of Zemstvo and thus make it accessible to the public in Chisinău.

As the first exhibition of its kind, offering a retrospective view of the activity of the Oberliht Association, it connects two chronologically different periods of its evolution: From the year 2000, when it was founded by a group of students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, to its most recent collaborations, which it has had with various artistic initiatives, as a platform and project space – Zpace, available at the House of Zemstvo, including with the Druzhba collective among them, which has been meeting regularly for the past few years in the 3rd Space Studio – a graphic design and DIY artist publications studio established in 2017 and run by the Kolxoz collective (Victor Vejvoda [CZ] and Maxim Polyakov [MD]) that was operating since then as a mobile print shop, exhibition space and place for socializing.

Participants: Florin Bobu, Angela Candu, Veaceslav Fisticanu, Adrian Moraru, Dumitru Musteata, Livia Pancu, Maxim Polyakov, Ghenadie Popescu, Ionut Savin, Inga Spravedlivaia, Vladimir Us and to the members of the Oberliht Association and the Druzhba collective.

This program is organized by Oberliht Association in partnership with with the support of the FundAction and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova and is hosted by Zpace/ media partners: #diez,, and / technical support: CSCI from RM.

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Image: layout publication Ways of Organisation, @tranzitiasi, 2023