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What happens if nothing happens

The Last Archive and tranzit. ro/ București invite you to the opening of the exhibition:
What happens if nothing happens
by Giles Eldridge

Monday, 21 December 2015, 6 pm
tranzit. ro/ București, Str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

21 Dec. 2015 – 31 Jan. 2016
Visiting hours: from Wed. to Fri., 3-7 pm
Finissage: Sunday, 31 Jan., 5-8 pm

“The culturally predicted Apocalypse never happens. This farcical negation is continually repeated.

The actual Apocalypse occurs as a true horror locally and internationally on a regular basis. It cannot be predicted.

Neither forms of Apocalypse can be feared since they either do not occur or they cannot be perceived beforehand.

The Archive, any archive, consists of a group of images or items, which appear to be coherent and are indexed and catalogued and thus retrievable within a certain systematic methodology. However, an intrinsic negation exists - all images are contingent within the various connotations of their circumstance of juxtaposition and upon external happenings that force differing readings.

The Apocalypse and The Archive are both negated entities. A group of images can always be made not to work.” (Giles Eldridge)

Giles Eldridge is an English visual artist and teacher from London, now based in Bucharest. He is mainly involved in making and exhibiting paintings, drawings, photography and collage. Also engaged in various projects with Romanian artists including co-curating and collaborations.

The Last Archive is an ongoing project by Vlad Basalici.

The exhibitions realized so far within this project, as part of the collaboration with tranzit. ro/ București were The Old, the New and the End by Péter Szabó (2013) and Redemption Day by Monotremu (2014).