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Exhibition Ioana Gheorghiu

“Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.*” București organises from 20th of September to 31st of October 2021 the project “Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.*” Exhibitions and intersections, Paris Viitorului [Paris Future], a project co-financed by Bucharest City Council through ARCUB within the Programme Bucharest – Open City 2021

“Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.” is a project developed over six weeks in Paris Viitorului space, and presents a succession of six exhibitions with the following artists: Claudiu Cobilanschi (20 - 26 September), Ioana Gheorghiu (27 September - 3 October), Andrei Dinu (4 - 10 October), Ioana Stanca (11 - 17 October), Adelina Ivan (18 - 24 October), Alina Lupu (25 - 31 October).
The second exhibition will open on the 28th of September 2021, from 5 to 8 p.m. and will present works by Ioana Gheorghiu.

In fact, an instrument

An inventory of innuendos to sound – drawings and objects speculating the elongation in the markings of what seems to be a hybrid field, meant to accommodate more types of sports: a circle has the tendency to become an oval, bearing shapes of ancient Olympic stadiums and principles for musical composition.

Things that were found: out of date sound storage, covers for sound storage still in use, fragments of songs and principles of composition, sounds too rare to be recorded.

Elongation – breathing movement that increases the volume of the organ, creating a space that did not exist before. The space gains flexibility towards a possibility. Even after it is absorbed, this possibility remains instilled in its future capacity to expand again.

The material is part of a project developed in cycles over the course of several years and it is looking for consensus within the space of Paris Viitorului. The material and the space seem to share elongation as logic of formation – two overlapping lines breathe to become a triangle: a slit of hope in the midst of coffee shops, flower shops, tourism agencies, empty expensive places, white cubes.

Ioana Gheorghiu crosses the temporal modalities of performance using text and instruments from the visual arts to operate in the interstices between language, sound and body.
She works with drawing, video and action, approaching conceptually governing principles from urbanism, music, sport. She deals in poetic-concrete ways with unjust cases for animals or birds. She uses formats such as the debate (a performative frame inspired by the academic debate competitions) or musical scores.

She activated on local platforms for performative research such as Imagine Human (2019) and Black Hyperbox (2016), and participated to international intensive performance workshops such as
“Abandoned Practices” (Prague), danceWEB Viena and others. She participated to exhibitions and performance sessions at Rosas Studios Brussels, National Dance Centre Bucharest,şti, Anca Poteraşu Gallery, WASP, Lateral Art Space and Pilot – Paintbrush Factory Cluj, etc.

The project takes place in a new space, Paris Viitorului, on Mihai Eminescu Street (corner with Viitorului Street), sector 2, Bucharest, as well as in the neighbourhood around.

Paris Viitorului is a project by Raluca Popa and Raluca Voinea. A vitrine space for contemporary art and encounters with the city, the space is a gallery, a shop-window, a closet, a resonance box, a landmark (Eminescu, corner with Viitorului), a place of observation and anticipation, and an invitation to reflection upon the city as another world: a world of possibilities and imagination, of diverse familiarities, of critical positioning towards the past, of confidence in the future.

The exhibition can be visited from Wed. to Sat. from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
In complementarity to the exhibitions that are part of the project “Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.” there will take place dialogue sessions with students of the the Arts University in Bucharest and of the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Image, as well as a series of urban walks in the neighbourhoods around the space, guided by specialists from different fields.

For Ioana Gheorghiu's exhibition, the students involved are Sandra Sankat, from the MA in "Theatre, Multimedia, Society" at the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Image and Adrian Conete, in his 3rd year of study for a BA in Photo-Video at the Arts University in Bucharest.

For more information you can write to
The project’s team: Raluca Popa, Raluca Voinea, Iuliana Dumitru, Edi Constantin

Partners: UNArte, CESI, Modulab, Zeppelin
ERSTE Foundation is the main partner of

A project co-financed by Bucharest City Council through ARCUB within the Programme Bucharest – Open City 2021. The content of this material does not necessarily reflect the official position of Bucharest City Council or ARCUB.

*Both the project title and the name of the space are inspired from the book “Un autre monde”, of the 19th century French author and illustrator, J.J. Grandville.

Crimes are abolished. Only passions remain.