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Conditions Of Peace

ZaČin Social Center, Belgrade
Aleksa Nenadovic 32, in the courtyard
Interfon 20

Opening 17th of July, 2021
From 4 to 8 pm

We are very happy to announce that the exhibition CONDITIONS OF PEACE that was installed for the first time in Iași (2020) will open in Belgrade in 2021.

Featuring work created especially for this project by: Blind Date Collaboration (Alisa Beck & Marie-Christin Rissinger), Andrei Nacu, Ines Doujak & John Barker , Nebojša Milikić, Baran Caginli, Ovidiu Pop, Edona Kryeziu, Lala Raščić, Dorone Paris, Minna Henriksson.

All partner organizations to this project have dealt with issues of war, transition, human rights, cultural diversity, economic inequality etc. for many years in research and education that often has engaged with historical event and culture of remembrance. The accumulated knowledge and experience gained continue to inform and enrich this project putting all the above mentioned themes in the context of Peace and Wellbeing. The partner NGOs have all developed their own local, national, European and international networks of grassroots organizations, NGOs, cultural and academic institutions which join together in implementing this project, building their own capacity as well as increasing its transnational and European dimension. All partners extended their experience with community outreach, thus contributing to the project’s aim in order to include as many ordinary citizens as possible from diverse populations in terms of location, age, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic conditions, citizenship status, gender, etc.

Enriching the project also meant to enable the distinct focus of each partner organization: The Ignorant Schoolmaster in the fields of informal pedagogy, social theory and philosophy; tranzit. ro/ Iasi and 1+1 in engaged art and culture; Rab-Rab in social theory, art theory and publishing; and Boem in aspects of socio-economic transition and culture, thus enlarging the interdisciplinary and intercultural dimensions of the project.
Image: Baran Caginli, Unable to recognize fingerprint, 2020

This exhibition is realized in the frame of Condition of Peace, with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens".

In Iasi this exhibition was realized with the support of ERSTE Foundation, Administration of the National Cultural Fund (2020 grant for 1+1), German Cultural Center Iași and Goethe Institute, Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

More information here and here.

The main partner of is ERSTE Foundation.

Image: Baran Caginli, Unable to recognize fingerprint, 2020