română/ bucurești/ cluj/ iași/ sibiu/

no, London București – new artist edition

Vlad Basalici
no, London
assemblage: painted metal and pigment print
297 x 176 x 5 cm
Edition: 7 + 2 artist proofs
450 EUR/ copy

In London, and not just here, there are forms of urban design created to prevent homeless people from making shelters during the night. Some of them are visible aggressive: metallic spikes fixed in concrete blocks, signs of a hostile architecture that norms the public space. Others are integrated successfully into urban landscape. Their function is abstracted and they seem without utility at the first sight, so these can be taken as public art. Their violence is aestheticized to hide their primary purpose.

Vlad Basalici (b.1978) lives and works in Bucharest and London. In his projects, he investigates how we perceive temporality. He began to date every work he makes to 2012. Recent projects were presented at: brut Wien, Salonul de Proiecte/ Bucharest, MNAC/ Bucharest, Plan B/ Berlin, Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade, Dansehallerne/ Copenhagen, Alert Studio/ Bucharest, Paintbrush Factory Cluj-Napoca, lorgean theatre Bucharest, Victoria Center Bucharest, The Centre for Visual Introspection Bucharest, CNDB Bucharest and București.