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Splinters of the Sun

Pavel Brăila
Splinters of the Sun
2015 – 2017
brooch, different colours, dimensions variable
Edition: 250
10 EUR/ piece

First produced in a limited series on the occasion of his presentation at the Moldovan Pavilion in Milan, at World Expo 2015, the fragments of colorful mirrors produced by Pavel Brăila are now again ready to be worn on your chest, reflecting the joy of sunny days.

The edition is produced in conjunction with the artist’s “The Solar Flower”, a permanent installation in the Tranzit Garden.

"I think an artist today is a kind of syncretic figure, who lives his/her life absorbing a lot of different influences - art, science, music, politics, household chores. Life itself becomes the main artistic project. The artefacts which appear during this process are traces or remains, like fingerprints - they are kind of by-products and signs of this life. I'm influenced by the circumstances I'm living in, either in Moldova or elsewhere, and part of my work is to keep the inspirational trigger open all the time." (Pavel Brăila)


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