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RUBBER BANDS București – new artist edition

Daniela Pălimariu
acrylic, tempera, marker on paper
30x42 cm
edition of 5
350 EUR/ copy

When a bag of condiments needs safe storing, when a bunch of loose papers need to be stuck together, or even when you're in the kitchen and can't find any hair bands... Basically each time two or more things need to be secured tightly together we turn towards the rubber band. In its simplicity and perfection, this small household object has the power of instantly fixing our day to day problems, the petty dramas that ruin our relaxed Sundays and high-energy breakfasts. The rubber band makes us feel safe, secure and confident that things are – and will remain – in their right place.

Daniela Pălimariu (b. 1986, Iași) currently lives in Bucharest, Romania. In the last few years, her art practice has evolved towards livable objects, installations and public/private events. She presented various projects at Sandwich,, Ivan Gallery, MNAC, Salonul de Proiecte and Platforma Space (Bucharest), MAGMA (St. George), Kinema Ikon (Arad), Intermediae (Madrid, ES), and was an artist in residence at (CH), The Model (IRL), Nida Art Colony (LT) and EstNordEst (Quebec, CA). In 2016, together with other artists, she opened Sandwich, an atypical artspace in Bucharest.

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