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Socialist architecture as a resource or the image of attrition, abandonment and precariousness


Between September 12-25, 2021, the artist Ștefan Rusu was the guest tranzit. ro/ Iasi, in a research residence.

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Duo Exhibition

6th of September – 7th of October 2021
Monday, 6th of September 2021, 7p.m.
At tranzit. ro/ Iași space on Elena Doamna street, No. 37, Iași

”Bubble gum is very tasty in the beginning, but the taste end quickly. Than, all you have to do is just to inflate and pop bubbles endlessly. In this you have no limits. And you will also have candy wrappers - just like glass beads.” (extract from KOLXOZ image: Turbo Bubblegum)

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Conditions Of Peace

ZaČin Social Center, Belgrade
Aleksa Nenadovic 32, in the courtyard
Interfon 20

Opening 17th of July, 2021
From 4 to 8 pm

We are very happy to announce that the exhibition CONDITIONS OF PEACE that was installed for the first time in Iași (2020) will open in Belgrade in 2021.

Featuring work created especially for this project by: Blind Date Collaboration (Alisa Beck & Marie-Christin Rissinger), Andrei Nacu, Ines Doujak & John Barker , Nebojša Milikić, Baran Caginli, Ovidiu Pop, Edona Kryeziu, Lala Raščić, Dorone Paris, Minna Henriksson.

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Reading Together (I)

Duo exhibition /

Hosted by tranzit. ro/ Iași space in Elena Doamna, no. 37, Iași

Friday 16th of July, 7 pm

The current exhibition is part of a series of three duo shows organized in the frame of the project Expoziția ca lectură (Exhibition as Reading) featuring works by artists and colleagues Beatrice Anghelache (RO), Baran Caginli (FI), Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan (RO/AT), Cătălin Gheorghe (RO), Dana Andrei & Sorin Popescu (RO) și Maxim Polyakov (MD).

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Reading Group in the frame of Exhibition as Reading project

July - August 2021

On adult education: Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire had a substantial influence on community and social engaged art, for instance in defining the artist as an educator. For him, literacy was not a technical impediment or a mode of self-improvement, but a limit to participation. Literacy is not only reading the alphabet but also a way of thinking about our mode of participation, the inclusion practices, and the gatekeeping practices of certain social groups. We will examine reading together as a method of inclusion.

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s.a.b.a. - Silvia Amancei și Bogdan Armanu

July- September 2021

2020 and 2021 meant for tranzitiasi a new journey in which we had to set up and experiment new methods to talk to each other, if not in person. Thus, we realigned our projects in order to build a set of parallel platform for artistic contributions, mostly with guests artist based in Iasi using the - now banal - Instagram.

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online reading group /

June, 2021

Participants: Noa Treister, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Baran Carangli, Dana Andrei, Beatrice Anghelache, Cătălin Gheorghe, Maxim Polyakov, Mădălina Muscă, Bogdan Popa, Ovidiu Pop, Valentin Cernat, Smaranda Ursuleanu, Andrei Timofte, Ruxandra Simion, Delia Bulgaru, Florin Bobu, Livia Pancu.

The debate between Jean Luc Nancy and Maurice Blanchot started in the 80’s around the question of the constitution of a community in the exchange surrounding Nancy’s The Inoperative Community and Blanchot’s The Unavowable Community, and recently a belated answer in Nancy’s The Disavowed Community surround the question of reading and the subject. Following these texts we will be asking who is the subject that reads and how is reading always already together. This has extreme relevance to artists and scholars that find themselves frequently outside the conventional professional gathering places like galleries, museums or universities and are craving dialog and a sense of community.

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Project /

May - November 2021

Participants: Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Baran Caginli, Dana Andrei & Sorin Popescu, Beatrice Anghelache, Cătălin Gheorghe, Maxim Polyakov, Mădălina Muscă, Bogdan Popa, Ovidiu Pop, Valentin Cernat, Smaranda Ursuleanu, Andrei Timofte, Ruxandra Simion, Delia Bulgaru

Through an in depth theoretical and artistic examination of the practice of reading together we will examine how art and culture are becoming an important factor in education and especially peer to peer and intergenerational informal education. As a result, the group exhibitions, the reading groups, the publications will raise awareness and build the capacity of artists and cultural operators to assume this role of educators.

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HISTORY: from 1 to ”n” posts on INSTAGRAM @tranzitiasi.

Always late and always with too much photo documentation that have never been published, burried in the digital grave, we have decided to weekly share with you our dearest moments starting with 2012.

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Valentin Cernat

In residency in Iași. /

Meetings, reading groups, livestreamed presentations or propaganda walks. All this will be part of our programme together with Valentin Cernat during his residency in Iasi.

Valentin Cernat (1988) has a research-based practice and is working on collaborative projects.

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Andreea Cioara: “Gust de Neuitat” / “Unforgettable Taste” @tranzitiasi on Instagram

On the February 10th, 2021 the Iași based artist Andreea Cioară (@andrutza_julie) started to share - on our instagram account - a weekly episode from her ceramic graphic story “Gust de Neuitat” / “Unforgettable Taste”.

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Public talk. Facebook and /

28 november 2020

At the invitation to make a public presentation of my own artistic practice I chose to talk about two of the personal research conducted in 2019: THE CEMENT PLASTER FINISH WALL OF A PETIT BOURGEOIS and the project ARTIST, I BUY AN APARTMENT IN THIS BLOCK! both curated by Florin Bobu and Livia Pancu. The online presentation of the two projects represents an opportunity to discuss extensively and in an appropriate framework about their cultural and personal foundations. At other times, they aim to present to the general public other visual materials that formed the basis of the artworks.

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