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Donations receives funding through recurring applications to its main partner, ERSTE Foundation. This budget is split between the different tranzit centres in Romania. In addition, each local tranzit applies for project-based funding to different institutions. To keep and maintain three permanent spaces in the cities of Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi, open for cultural and social activities requires a constant effort and has been possible so far mainly due to the commitment of team. While we continue to apply and to work more in order to continue the existence of these spaces, their keeping becomes now also a question of our public's support.

Therefore we encourage and would be grateful for your donations to support the spaces and activities.

You can donate directly through bank transfers, in the following bank accounts, depending on your preferences:

For the general activities of
Account in RON:
Account in EUR:

For each local tranzit, RON accounts: București
IBAN: RO94RNCB0175126792970015 Cluj
IBAN: RO73RNCB0175126792970005 Iași
IBAN: RO03RNCB0175126792970004

Donate for tranzit activities via PayPal:

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