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Rent Rebels [DE] – Film projection

Event organized by Asociația Chiriașilor Cluj /

6th of July 2017, 7-9 pm

tranzit. ro/ Cluj
Str. Brassai Samuel, nr. 5

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A Tribute to Science

Discovering the universe /

10 – 17 May 2017 Cluj,
Brassai Samuel Street, no 5

Visiting hours:
10 am – 1 pm and 3 pm – 6 pm

Free entrance

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Insect Radio

An LMA event /

Thursday, March 2nd 2017, 9 pm

Rizom Infokiosk,
Str. Brassai Sámuel, nr. 5

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In Between

by Ioana Florea, Alice Monica Marinescu, Katia Pascariu, David Schwartz /

Friday, November 25th 2016, 7 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

by Ioana Florea, Alice Monica Marinescu, Katia Pascariu, David Schwartz

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One Year Anniversary of Infokiosk Rizom

in collaboration with LMA collective /

Saturday, November 19th 2016, 9 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

in collaboration with LMA collective

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Social research and Political Critique: the Saga of Left Publishing

Round table with Gareth Dale, Tamás Krausz, Éva Nagy, Florin Poenaru, Alex Cistelecan /

Saturday, 29 October 2016, 11 am Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

Moderator: Dana Domsodi

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Soirée Critique VII

Free trade – the last internationalism? /

Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 6 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

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Discussion on the issue of rent in Cluj (Hosted event)

Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 7 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

On Wednesday we gather together to discuss the worrying situation of rent in Cluj and what we can do to address this problem.

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Soirée critique VI – au cinéma. Merci patron!

France 2016, director François Ruffin; translated by Claudiu Gaiu /

Friday, 23 September 2016, 6 pm Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

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Street we negotiate; city we reinstitute

project by Alexandra Popescu /

15th July – 11th September 2016 Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

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10 for FILM

May 31st - June 5th 2016 Cluj,
Brassai Sámuel St. 5

Transilvania International Film festival (TIFF) arrived at the 15th edition this year and continued the collaboration with Cluj in 2016 with the 10 for FILM cultural project.

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LMA Collective Program / May 2016

Rehearsal with friends /

15 - 23 May 2016 Cluj
Samuel Brassai Street, no. 5

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Thursday, 5th of May 2016, 6 – 8:30 pm

Samuel Brassai Street, no. 5 (basement), Cluj, Romania

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LIBRARY OF THE CHOSEN ONES – additional program in February, 2016

tranzit. ro/ Cluj,
str. Brassai Samuel nr.5., Cluj


IDOLATRY - Presentation and workshop held by Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják
Saturday, 20 February, 2016, 11 am

CHOSEN GAMES, presentation by Mario Z. Nemes
Saturday, 20 February 2016, 3 pm.

FILM SCREENING and DISCUSSION,moderated by Beáta Makai
Saturday, 20 February 2016, 5 pm.
White Bear (Black Mirror, Season 2, Episode 2)

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The Library of the Chosen Ones

a project by Predestinati pentru Rai group

29 November 2015 –28 February 2016

The Library of the Chosen Ones is a travelling collection of various printed matters which has the expression ‘the chosen one(s)’ in their title. Within this nomadic, transnational research project, the artists try to collect and distribute all the possible public comments, statements, images, which already exist in this topic.

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Miklós Mécs –- Street we negotiate; city we reinstitute

In the first part of October the interventions by the artist Miklós Mécs can still be seen on the façade windows of, as well as arrangements in the exhibition space and the street gallery created by the artist.

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Street, we negotiate; city, we reinstitute.

27th of July -18th of September 2015

tranzit. ro/Cluj,
Brassai S. Street, No.5.

Between 27th of July -18th of September 2015, Hungarian artist Miklós Mécs will occupy tranzit. ro/ Cluj space in order to develop artistic interventions from a no-win situation. During his residency he will be using the street windows of the tranzit as communication channel with the pedestrians.

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Roma people in the capitalist postcommunism /

On 17- 18th of December, Erika Varga, roma activist from Budapest, editor of Glinda magazine and founder of Romani Design fashion label will hold a workshop for groups of teenagers from Cluj. She will be teaching creative techniques and will talk about her engagement in fighting against racial discrimination through fashion design.

In the same day, on 18th of December, a panel discussion will be organized focusing on the key issues that Roma citizens are facing today in Cluj.

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Under Ground. The Jiu Valley after 1989

followed by a discussion with GAP members /

Friday, 31 October 2014, 7 pm
tranzit. ro/ Cluj,
Brassai Samuel Street, nr. 5

Concept: Mihaela Michailov și David Schwartz
Distribution: Alice Monica Marinescu, Katia Pascariu, Alexandru Potocean, Andrei Șerban

Music: Bobo Burlăcianu
Video documentation: Vlad Petri
Scenography: Adrian Cristea

The Theatre Under Ground. The Jiu Valley after 1989 project focuses on the quotidian observation and critical analysis of day-to-day life in labourer communities which were hard hit by the political and social change after 1989. The project aims to document the economic situation, the life and work of miners in post-socialism, together with other categories
living in Jiu Valley. The Theatre Under Ground proposes a performative reconstruction of many documentary narratives. These interviews outlined the history of the Jiu Valley communities on the borderline between survival, migration, extinction and a possible revival.

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tranzit. ro/ Cluj presents the project

by Laurențiu Ridichie

In the new project ― Street, we negotiate; city, we reinstitute ― developed by Cluj, the artist-activist Laurențiu Ridichie, will display inside the windows of the building on Brassai Samuel street works that address social and political issues, both at the local and global level. He will post weekly inside the 4 windows of the building drawings (170 x 75 mm) which, until now, were circulating exclusively on facebook.

The project runs between 10 July - 26 September 2014.

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Friday 8 pm.
13.06.2014 Cluj,
Samuel Brassai Str, no. 5.

Throughout the entire year, you can hear street musicians playing in the various corners of Cluj. They perform mainly in the downtown area, where most people are in a big hurry, just walking right by one another. It used to be thought that music can transform strangers, even very differing people, into one community, so we might imagine that street musicians are very socially engaged people. However, these performers, who have finished their professional studies, are not interested in merely making music; the street also provides an important income for them.

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