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s.a.b.a. - Silvia Amancei și Bogdan Armanu

July- September 2021

2020 and 2021 meant for tranzitiasi a new journey in which we had to set up and experiment new methods to talk to each other, if not in person. Thus, we realigned our projects in order to build a set of parallel platform for artistic contributions, mostly with guests artist based in Iasi using the - now banal - Instagram.

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Non-linear narratives of the Enlightenment


Friday, 25 June 2021, at 7 PM.

Link for the online event:

Moderator: Dana Domșodi

After decades of sophisticated historical research and professional myth busting, academic and popular images of the Enlightenment seem today to be further apart than ever. However, the political question of the legacies of the Enlightenment, whether salutary or deleterious, is once again in season. This talk will argue, firstly, that these legacies are contextual, contradictory, open-ended and ready to be appropriated in creative ways; and secondly, that more than theories, values or attitudes, critical or political – the quest for peace, rationalism, secularism, tolerance, rights of man etc. -, it was above all a few epistemic dislocations brought about by the Enlightenment that proved to be revolutionary for the modern understanding of history, culture and society.

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12 - 28 June
Floreasca Sports Hall
Aviator Popa Marin 2

With: Eliahu Adler, Liliana Basarab, Pied la Biche, Z. Blace & Co, Irina Botea & Jon Dean, Anetta Mona Chișa & Lucia Tkáčová, Eduard Constantin, Josef Dabernig, George Doroș, Enric Fort Ballester, Florin Flueras, Henry / Bragg, Adriana Ghiață & Eleodor Unguraș, Vlatka Horvat, Tadija Janičić, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, V. Leac, Maria Marshall, Dan Perjovschi, Corneliu Porumboiu, Cristian Rusu, Cristian Răduță, Gabriele de Santis, Sergiu Sas, Șerban Savu, Fin Simonetti, Dorian Szasz, Davide Tidoni, Iulia Toma, Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor, Alexandru Vitzentzatos

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online reading group /

June, 2021

Participants: Noa Treister, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Baran Carangli, Dana Andrei, Beatrice Anghelache, Cătălin Gheorghe, Maxim Polyakov, Mădălina Muscă, Bogdan Popa, Ovidiu Pop, Valentin Cernat, Smaranda Ursuleanu, Andrei Timofte, Ruxandra Simion, Delia Bulgaru, Florin Bobu, Livia Pancu.

The debate between Jean Luc Nancy and Maurice Blanchot started in the 80’s around the question of the constitution of a community in the exchange surrounding Nancy’s The Inoperative Community and Blanchot’s The Unavowable Community, and recently a belated answer in Nancy’s The Disavowed Community surround the question of reading and the subject. Following these texts we will be asking who is the subject that reads and how is reading always already together. This has extreme relevance to artists and scholars that find themselves frequently outside the conventional professional gathering places like galleries, museums or universities and are craving dialog and a sense of community.

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Climates of History. Or How Climate Crises are Class Struggles in the Web of Life

Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University /

Friday, 28 May 2021, 7 pm

Link for the online event:

Moderator: Attila Szigeti

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Project /

May - November 2021

Participants: Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Baran Caginli, Dana Andrei & Sorin Popescu, Beatrice Anghelache, Cătălin Gheorghe, Maxim Polyakov, Mădălina Muscă, Bogdan Popa, Ovidiu Pop, Valentin Cernat, Smaranda Ursuleanu, Andrei Timofte, Ruxandra Simion, Delia Bulgaru

Through an in depth theoretical and artistic examination of the practice of reading together we will examine how art and culture are becoming an important factor in education and especially peer to peer and intergenerational informal education. As a result, the group exhibitions, the reading groups, the publications will raise awareness and build the capacity of artists and cultural operators to assume this role of educators.

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The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life

This is a project, a site and the expression of a utopia. It is a bet and a promise, an experiment and an investment into a future we can still shape.

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2012-2021 publications out: b8 & b9

a project coordinated by Lia Perjovschi /

New publications out within the brainstorming project :

b8/ 2019 – 30/ Romania 30 years after the fall of communism
b9/ 2020 – artists, curators, institutions local and global context ...and covid 19...

b (brainstorming) - b, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – is a series of events and editorial works on different topics conceived and curated by Lia Perjovschi with the participation of artists, curators, theorists, cultural managers, PR specialist, writers, poets, journalists, architects, anthropologists, others… from Sibiu, Romania and abroad - held between 2012-2020.

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5 - 30th of April 2021

Exhibition and research program around the last terra nullius of late capitalism, the continuum of atmosphere, from the sea level of the Earth to the interplanetary medium.

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Cul-de-Sac Economics: Europe on the Brink of Climate Meltdown

Online lecture by Cornel Ban
(Copenhagen Business School)

Monday, 29th of March , 7:30 pm.

Link for the online event:

Moderated by Attila Szigeti

Science tells us that we are playing a pyramid scheme with the habitability of our Earth. It also tells is that we are getting close to the panic and unravelling stages of that pyramid scheme, with a stabilization of warming at below 2 degrees Celsius being our optimistic scenario. This reckless game is embedded in institutional complementarities that make it politically and economically costly to arrest the causal generators of environmental collapse. It seems that as a species we can’t help but have the greatest death wish of all.

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Resilience Governance through Commons

Webinar organised by atelier d’architecture autogérée & Remix the Commons /

Online event
Saturday, 27 March 2021 from 11:00 UTC+02-16:00 UTC+02

The first C4R seminar organised by AAA, Remix the Commons and and other C4R partners and collaborators (CASCO,, NetHood) focuses on the concept of resilience governance.

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CALL for APPLICATIONS now open until 30 April 2021

Fellowships for Curators and Artists at Salzburg Summer Academy 2021 / /

ERSTE Foundation offers five fellowships for young artists and five fellowships for emerging curators from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia to take part in a course of their choice at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg 2021.

Every summer some 300 students from more than 50 countries participate in over 20 classes at the Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts. Well-known artists, curators and critics from all over the world offer courses focusing on topical questions of art production, as well as curatorial practice and writing about art.
The participants can choose from various courses taking place at Salzburg Summer Academy between 19 July - 28 August 2021.

More information about the courses for curators and artists:

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ERSTE Foundation is main partner of tranzit:

ERSTE Stiftung